10 Foods for teenagers to grow tall

5 min readJul 15, 2021

Most People attain their maximum height during and by the end of their teens.

According to research, 60–80% of height depends on genetics, but what about
the rest? Well, the rest of it comes from a balanced diet and physical activities.

Food with less or wrong nutrition value can hinder kids’ growth and steal some extra inches that he/she may gain! A proper diet containing essential nutrients can significantly help teenage kids grow taller throughout their development phase and ensure that they achieve the full potential.

Note: In addition to a nutritious diet, proper sleep and exercise also contribute
to teens’ tall height.

Now The Question is What Foods Should a Teenager eat to
grow taller -

Well, the answer is Food with High Protein. Protein is the essential
ingredient that contributes to the height of an individual. However,
protein alone isn’t sufficient; consuming food with micronutrients like
calcium, manganese, zinc, vitamin D, etc., is also essential for kids’

In this detailed Food Guide for teenage kids, I’ll be covering the foods that will
ensure your kid gets the maximum height -

  1. Eggs (To Get extra inches without shoes) -

Unquestionably eggs are a great source of protein and calcium, vitamin D,
and some other nutrients required for bones’ growth, long and robust bones
mean tall height. Consumption of eggs daily can immensely improve the
overall physique and height.

Studies show that the Consumption of eggs significantly boosted growth and
reduced stunting by 47 percent in young children. Therefore, a small egg can
do wonders for teenagers.

There are many ways to consume eggs; for instance, one can prepare a tasty
omelet, a boiled egg, fried egg, etc. Eggs taste delicious for most teenagers
and are a cheap source of high protein, making them ideal to be considered
the best meal a teen can have to grow taller.

2. Milk (Drink to get bigger every day) -

Milk is a rich source of calcium, protein, and other essential nutrients.
Teenage Kids should drink at least 2–3 glasses of milk every day as it helps to
improve the height and strength of bones and boost overall body

The calcium in milk is prominently vital to the development and growth of
young teenage kids.

Drinking fresh milk early morning with omelet and brown bread is a tasty,
healthy, and balanced breakfast for teenage kids, giving them a good amount
of carbs with nutrients for the rest of their day in school.

Aside from milk, the Consumption of dairy products like yogurt, cottage
cheese, etc., is also beneficial as they contain Vitamins A, D, E, etc., for
optimum growth.

3. Leafy Vegetables (Don’t think about the taste look at the benefits) -

Though most teens hate to eat leafy vegetables, they are quite crucial for
proper height growth. They contain a good amount of potassium, magnesium,
iron, and other required nutrients needed by the body, especially in its
developing phase.

You can prepare some delicious recipes with veggies like Spinach, Broccoli,
Okra, etc., for your kids so they can avoid eating fast foods.

● You can prepare a blueberry and spinach smoothie, which is tasty yet
healthy for kids. I mean, who doesn’t love smoothies? Right!
● For Broccoli, you can prepare Baked broccoli cheese balls for

4. Fish (Choose your Bait, grab a fish and grow tall) -

Besides the delicious taste, you must have heard the benefits of seafood.
Fishes like salmon, tuna, etc., are a rich source of Omega-3, proteins,
vitamins, etc. These nutrients are directly related to bones and muscle
development and impact a kids’ growth.

Being lean meat fish is an excellent way of getting high protein along with
healthy fats. The good thing about fish is that it’s everyone’s favorite, and the
teenagers would love to have one in their meal to boost height growth and
muscle development.

5. Banana (Everyone’s Favourite & Appealing fruit) -

A simple and most delightful fruit, in my opinion, bananas are a great source
of micronutrients like potassium, manganese, and calcium; these all are
critical for optimal growth in teenagers.

Besides bananas, other fresh fruits like Apple, Kiwi, and Mangoes are equally
crucial for proper body growth as each of them gives various nutrients
necessary for tall height.

Just give your kids a raw banana in the morning or make a smoothie out of it;
either way, it’s going to help them grow bigger and make their bones strong.

6. Tofu (No need for eating eggs or meat to grow tall when you can have
tofu) -

Tofu is excellent, especially if your kids don’t like eggs or are lactose intolerant
and you are looking for other sources of high protein and calcium. Tofu tastes
good, and it’s everything a vegan could ask to get the same amount of
nutrition as meat or chicken.

Tofu is another popular meal for teenage kids to grow taller, containing a
handful of protein, calcium with vitamins, and essential fibers, enhancing body
growth and height.

7. Carrot (Increase kids Height along with vision) -

Besides increasing your kid’s eye vision like an eagle, carrots also increase

Carrots are like addons for ensuring optimal height growth in teenagers. Why
addons? Because it consists of beta-carotene, which ultimately enhances the
body’s calcium absorption capacity, resulting in maximum utilization of what
already is available in the body (Calcium).

Nothing is better than a carrot to increase two things at the same time. Just
serve raw carrots or prepare a delicious smoothie for your kids and watch
them grow taller.

8. Legumes (It’s small but will make your kids tall) -

Legumes are yet another source of high protein for teenage kids who hate
eggs. Legumes also contain potassium, manganese, iron, and healthy dietary
fibers, crucial for healthy growth.

Eating legumes can immensely improve the height growth in teenagers. You
can add them to your kid’s meal to boost the nutritious value of the food.

9. Chicken (The Protein King) -

Now comes the king of protein, yep! You guessed it right; it’s chicken.
Chicken is a rich source of high protein and has a good amount of taurine,
Vitamin B12, and some other nutrients essential for improving teenagers’
height and muscles.

You can also call Chicken ‘the growth booster,’ and if your kids eat chicken
along with a proper diet, nothing can stop them from growing tall.
Though you wouldn’t want to fry the chicken, it may lead to obesity in teens;
instead, you could roast it or boil it.

10. Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are a dominant source of micronutrients to provide additional
support for healthy growth in teenagers. Nuts consist of Zinc, Vitamin E,
Omega-3, etc., and are readily available to give your kids as a snack.

While seeds provide healthy fibers, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and calcium
promote proper height growth to teens and make them reach their maximum


In this article, I have mentioned some of the foods that can help your
teenage kids grow taller than their friends. These foods contain the required
nutrients demanded by a teenager’s body for the maximum growth of height
and muscles.

The essential foods of all are eggs, chicken, milk, and Leafy Vegetables.
Though the rest of the foods are also quite crucial as they have other
micronutrients that impact the height.